Thursday, March 19, 2015

Guess What?!?!?

Just thought I would share the great news...

I'm pregnant!!!

My due date is on June 20th! We are having a little girl! Scott and are beyond happy!! We can't wait!!

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Memorial Day Weekend!

My dad misses my blog posts, so here you go, this one is for you and mom!! :):) What a great weekend visiting my parents in Southwest VA. We left on Friday and just got back yesterday. I definitely wanted to stay and enjoy it longer! :) 

On Saturday, we went to Mabry Mill for Breakfast and then walked around some. :) After that we visited Chateau Morrisette. What a gorgeous winery. I definitely want to go back there. 

After leaving the winery, we drove down to Buffalo Mountain and hiked to the top. It was about a mile hike. It was definitely worth seeing the beautiful view at the end. So pretty!


On Sunday, my mom and I did some shopping down in Hillsville, VA (Flea-Market/Yard Sale shopping). I always enjoy hitting the yard sales! :) Esp. on Memorial day and Labor Day weekend! :)

When we got back from shopping I was determined to get some kayaking in on the New River. 

What a relaxing weekend visiting my parents.  Looking forward to our next visit already! :) Already missing my parents!! Hope everyone had a great weekend with their friends and family! :)

One last pic of Scott and I from the hike:

Sunday, November 17, 2013

6 Month Break - I'm back!

I really can't believe I haven't blogged in about a half a year!!!!  Lots has happened in the last 6 months. Here is my attempt to update everyone! :) Ever since google got rid of google reader I stopped blogging and I stopped reading blogs as well. It used to be one of my fav things to do! :) Once I find something to replace "google reader" hopefully my love for blogging will come back!


Happy Father's Day Dad & Scott!! :) I always do blog posts for all these special days, and with my absence from blogging I missed giving the special shout-out!! :) I wished them both a Happy Father's Day ofcourse, just not on my blog like usual. 

We threw a bridal shower for my friend Shahanna. It was a brunch shower and it ended up great! :) We had mini pancakes, mimosas, a bagel bar along with many other things!

 (Me, Mo, Shahanna & Sarah)

 The Donut Hole Skewers I made (Pinterest Inspired)

I also contributed the favors to the shower as well. LOVE THESE! We all love wine, so why not have mini wine favors. I ordered the labels off etsy to match the invites that were mailed out. 


Scott and I celebrated out 3rd wedding anniversary! I can't believe it has already been 3 years already! My aunt & uncle have a gorgeous house in the Outer Banks and they were kind enough to let us stay at it again. It was sooo relaxing. I wish I could live at the beach! 

 The hubby and I

 My favorite coozie!

 Loved that we were able to see the horses on the beach, so neat!

The girls also made a trip to Ocean City, MD for Shahanna's Bachelorette Weekend! :) Lots of memories! (The ones we remember)

Parasailing! :)

On the boardwalk...

We had to have favors. I don't know what it is about me and favors, but I just love putting them together! :) The favors included: Mini liquor bottles, band-aids, gum, crystal light, aleve & after-sun gel 


I was able to be a part of Shahanna's Wedding. She did all the planning on her own and everything ended up perfect. So happy I was able to be part of her special day! :)  Here are some of my fav pics! :)

And...the emergency wedding kit I made for the bride:
A few of the things came in handy. It's always good to be prepared! :)


We spent Labor Day visiting my parents! Not too much longer until I can see them again. Christmas will be here before you know it! :) 

The world's largest fishing pole. The things you see, lol.

Impromptu trip to the Outer Banks w/ one of my close friends from college, Sarah. Her family got a house right on the water and I was able to spend a few days with them! :)

 Sunrise one morning, so pretty!

 In the hot tub (the ocean was too cold)

 We love our monograms! (even on solo cups)

Bike ride around the neighborhood


Fall is here! :) Shahanna planned a fall get-together.

My contribution: Acorn Donuts! :)
Super easy to make. Another pinterest inspired idea! :) All I used was donut holes, sprinkles, chocolate frosting & pretzels.


Yesterday my lil sis got engaged!!!!! So exciting!!! Looking forward to welcoming Kris into the family. Can't wait to help Carla with all the fun details!

WHEW! :) I think I caught you all up on everything. Now, if I only I can keep updating the blog now, haha. 

Monday, May 13, 2013

Dad & Mom's 35th Wedding Anniversary and Mother's Day all in one weekend! :)

This past weekend Scott and I drove down to my parents for a weekend of celebration! My sis and her boyfriend Kris came down too! :) My parent's 35th Wedding Anniversary was on Saturday. We started off the day going out to brunch at a place called Draper Mercantile. We skipped lunch and later on that evening we treated my parents to dinner at a new place none of us had ever been to in Radford, VA. The place we went to was called "The River Company and Brewery". I was very pleased with the restaurant and glad we chose it!   I snapped this pic of my parents and I love it! :) 
Luckily Mother's Day landed on the Sunday after my parent's anniversary so I was able to spend part of the morning with my mama before we had to head back!! :) Hope you had a wonderful Mother's Day Mom! :)  
I always enjoy visits with my parents, I always wish they could be longer though!! :) Look at this pic I took before we left. I thought it was appropriate that I was able to take a pic like this on Mother's Day! Makes me smile....

My 30th!!

Back on April 1st I turned the big 3-0! My husband Scott and my sister Carla helped plan a birthday celebration with some of my closest friends! :) I am finally blogging about it, lol. We got birthday cupcakes from one of my fav grocery stores "Wegmans".  Scott got me some Tory Burch Reva Flats (my first pair) and a new Longchamp Purse. I also got some cash/gift cards and wine which are always enjoyable!!!! Can't wait to see what's in store for my next 30 years!

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Happy Birthday Dad!

Wishing my father a wonderful birthday! Wishing I could be there to celebrate! Have a great day Dad, I love you! Hope its warm enough outside, maybe you can enjoy yourself out on the river like in the below pic! :)

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

A "Late" Birthday Wish

So this whole past month I was thinking I had already published a blog post wishing my wonderful hubby a "Happy 39th Birthday". Well.....yeah, I just realized I had never published the post like I thought I had. That's what happens when you don't blog as often as you used to I guess. We had a great day on his birthday, I surprised him with take-out from one of our fav restaurants "Firebirds Wood-Fired Grill" and we had a nice relaxing evening with each other.
Happy "Late" Birthday Scott! :) I love you!!!!
(Sorry for my forgetfulness on the blog....real life I didn't forget anything!!!)

Monday, January 28, 2013

Happy Birthday Carla!! :)

Happy 28th Birthday to my lil sis Carla!! :):)
Love ya and miss ya! Hope your day was as wonderful as you are!

A few pinterest projects...

Just put some fun gifts together, all inspired by pinterest ofcourse! :)  
First one was an engagement gift....
Click here to see the pin that inspired me.
Second one was a housewarming gift. It was so easy and simple to put together, and I think it ended up looking great!
Click here to see what gave me this idea...
I was really happy with the finished products! :)

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Happy Birthday Mom! :)

I wanted to wish my wonderful mom a Happy Birthday today!! :)
Love you tons!!!! Glad I got to spend the past week with you!

Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas!! :)

Thought I would check in, haven't blogged in quite a bit....not too sure why, hopefully one of these days I will begin blogging more again!
I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas! :) I was lucky enough to have all my family in town, and had a great time with them! We had lots of visitors, and I praticed some more on my "cooking skills". Never been the best cook, but it is always great to have my mom there to help me through it, hehe...
Roxy had a great Christmas too! She is loving her present!
I made my normal peanut butter chocolate buckeyes that I do every Christmas. They are so yummy. My grandma used to make them every Christmas, and I am glad that I can now carry on her tradition.
Anyways, just wanted to check in, hope everyone has a great New Year's as well! :) Time to kick my "diet" and my "running" back into gear...I have been taking a mini break, and definitely need to get back into the swing of things! :)

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Oh, How Pinteresting Wednesday!

Haven't linked up in a while.... (I am trying to make an effort to blog more than I have been, haha)
Two items I had to share....


Don't you love it?!? Every girl needs one of these USBs!! :)
Wine/Purse Combo, Can't really go wrong when you combine these 2 things! :)