Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Personalize your coasters!!

I can make a coaster from any photo, here is an example... I put three coats of sealer on them to protect the photo. Right now I am running a special for a free magnet made from Amy Butler's pink coriander fabric. :):)

That's all for now :)


Flowers I got last week

I got flowers for administrative professionals day, aren't they pretty! :) Well, it's not Monday anymore, very happy about that!

Monday, April 27, 2009

Look at this pic of Roxy

The sun really drains Roxy, can you tell???? So cute!
It's Monday....I have an awful suburn, that's what I get for mixing alcohol with the sun, haha....
Have a great Monday everyone!


Friday, April 24, 2009

Happy Friday!

So glad it's Friday. I have had a busy week. Looking forward to relaxing a little. To the right is another one of my favorite pics of Roxy. Isn't she a cutie! :):) My plans this weekend are to get a whole bunch of coasters made for the big wedding order I have been working on, I am almost to 150. :) Anyways, I hope everyone has a great Friday! That's all for now!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Good Morning!

Here is a frame that I painted not too long ago, I can paint them in any two colors to go with any room in your house. They are really cute! :):) I am thinking of making some for my house! :):)
Anyways, glad it is Thursday! Yesterday I got flowers from my coworkers for administrative professional's day. Ans then tommorrow is Friday, and it's sunny!! :):)

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

New Coasters on this sunny Tuesday (sunny for now)

New Coasters I made with pin up girl photos. I am going to try some new images here soon. Bottom has cork on it to protect whatever surface you are using the coaster on.
Have a great Tuesday! That's all for now!

New Card

This is one of my new cards I made with the stamp I bought, I didn't color the whole thing, because everytime I did, I didn't like the card as much. It is blank inside to write whatever message you want to. Also using pink, my favorite color!

Monday, April 20, 2009

SaraBeth's pregnant!

Just found out one of my pledge sisters from College is pregnant!! I am super happy for her and her husband, they are going to have one cute baby!!

Congratulations SaraBeth and Taylor!! :)

*I stole this pic from your facebook, hehe.

Our new house!!!

Scott and I just moved into my old house that I grew up in! I love it, Roxy loves to run around the house and play tag with me so I am getting a lot of exercise!! Back in King George, VA. I am adapting to not being close to the mall again, hehe. It's definitely great being in a neighborhood though!

Decorated Tins

Here are some tins that I have on my etsy page, Can get any picture on them that you would like. They are inexpensive and really cute!! :):) I have made them for many different things. They are great for birthday parties, easter baskets, or just as little tins to hold a small charm, earrings, etc. That's all for now. :)


Rainy Monday!

Good Morning everyone! It's Monday, ughhh, hope it goes by quick, I hate Mondays, esp. when it's raining! Well I had a great weekend. I went to see my grandfather, and I got home mid afternoon and did some stuff around the house. I have this large coaster order I am doing for a wedding, so that is keeping me super busy! :):)
*To the right is a picture of me and the wonderful boyfriend, I love this picture, mainly because this is one of the only times I have EVER seen Scott Karaoke, and I loved it!! :):) Notice the beer, haha...that is the only thing that will get me to Karoake, hehe.

Saturday, April 18, 2009


Set of 3 cards, I love them, they are blank inside to write whatever you would like!! :)

Good Morning from Clarksville

Good Morning everyone!!!! :):):)
Today I am out of town, visiting my grandfather. Will be coming back tomorrow. My parents are here too, and they brought their dog so my dog and their dog together is pretty funny! Here are some new frames I made. I can make them with any 2 color tones to match any room in your house. I really like them! :):) Go to my Etsy page to look at the listing.
That's all for now....Sara :)

Friday, April 17, 2009

Good Morning, it's Friday!!!

I just got this stamp not too long ago, I think it's really cute, I am going to try and make some cards with it.

So glad it's Friday! Scott and I are going to visit my grandfather this weekend, so I am really looking forward to seeing him, and my parents are going to be there too, so it will be nice to see everyone. It's supposed to be really nice this weekend too! :)

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Mini Cards

Here are some of the new cards I have made. These are mini sized cards. They all come blank, so you can write any message that you want!! :):) They are currently for sale in my Etsy shop as well! :):) Again, they are all using Amy Butler designed paper. :) I think they are cute to send with a little gift you are sending to someone.



I just made these coasters not too long ago, I love them, I almost want to keep them, but I am going to sell them in the shop. They are made from an Amy Butler Paper. I really like all her fabrics and papers. They have a waterproof coating, and have cork attached to protect the surface you are putting them on. They are currently for sale in my Etsy Shop. :):)


My hair color

I have made some attempts to color my hair back to it's original color, and I haven't taken many pictures, so here is one with my brown hair color. I like it, because it is close to my original color, what do you think??

This morning

Now this morning, Roxy was very tired.....so when I was getting ready for work, Roxy made an attempt to crawl back under the covers. Well she thought she did, and she crawled inside my pillow instead, it made me giggle this morning. I am glad she doesn't do that when I am trying to sleep, haha.... Here is a picture.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009


Scott and I got a puppy last year, she is almost a year old, she is such a cutie!! :):) Here is a picture of her, I just wanted to show her off!! :):)

Sara's Unique Boutique

Here is my shop, please visit it!! :):) I make cards, coasters, frames, tins, and much more!! :):)

My first post to my blog!

Hi everyone, well I decided to try and make a blog for myself, To just give you updates on daily things going on in my life, new things I have put on my etsy page, misc. things really!! :):) Just a little about me initially, I am 26 years old, an April Fools Baby. I work at the Quantico Marine Corps Base in Quantico VA as an executive assistant. I just started with an etsy page and it keeps me busy, and I love everything I am making, so that's great! :):) I will keep you posted on new sales, anything new really, with me, with my shop, whatever I want, hehe! :):)