Tuesday, December 29, 2009

A sad Christmas....

This Christmas was a very sad one. The Sunday before Christmas, my fiance's father passed away. It was very upsetting to all of us.  He was such a joy to spend time with. His name was Carroll Byrd Gore. He lived to be 66, and he was the best future father in law I ever had! Scott and I have been dating since 2005, so I got to know the family very well, so that is a huge blessing. I am glad I got to be close with his whole family.  It breaks my heart that this happened, and right before Christmas, makes it even more hard to deal with. I put together a collage for the viewing, I think it turned out great, and I am glad I made it. It shows what a great man he was. It makes me sad that he didn't live to see our wedding, but I was happy that he got to know that we were getting married before he passed away. I want to do something special in my wedding in recognition to him.

Ofcourse, it has been a very rough and sad time here recently. but on Monday morning, it really hit home. So everyday since Roxy has been a puppy, we have always taken her to Scott's parent's house while we were at work. Scott's father was retired, so he was at home, and loved to watch Roxy. Since Scott and I both work, he welcomed the company, and Roxy enjoyed it so much. We took her to be with him everyday for about 2 years. She had such a routine. I would drop her off in the mornings, she would run to Scott's Dad, and we would talk for about 10 minutes every morning, mainly because I didn't want to rush off.....and then when I would leave, Scott's Dad would open the blinds, and Roxy would run over to the window to watch me drive away. Then every afternoon I would go to pick her up after work, and Carroll would tell me about the day, how Roxy made little children in the neighborhood so happy when he took her on her walks every day. He always had a new story to tell me about their adventures. After he passed away, the little girls down the street's mother came up to the house, to bring some food up, and she told Scott's mom that although she never had met her, she came to know Carroll and Roxy from his walks around the neighborhood, and the girls were really going to miss him. It just makes me so sad, that such a wonderful person is gone now.

Right now we are trying to adapt to life without him, which has been hard. Roxy is trying to adapt too. She is not used to being at home, and not seeing her Granddaddy anymore, yes, she is a dog, but Roxy was Carroll's grandpup, and not a day goes by that I forget that!

Friday, December 18, 2009

Snow and Christmas!!!

Exactly one week till Christmas. I am done with my Christmas shopping. I hope to finish wrapping my last few presents this weekend. We are supposed to get a crazy snow storm this weekend. So I figure I will have a lot of time to do things around the house!

Can't believe the end of the year is almost here again. It seems to be flying by so fast. This will be my last Christmas as an unmarried gal. I can't believe the wedding will be here in July.  I am getting excited!!! :):) I have my dress, I have the colors of the wedding, and I have my bridesmaids! (Photographer and DJ too!) So now I need to get to all the other things.

This Christmas we are going to get to see both Scott's and my family. This will be the first Christmas that my parents aren't living in King George. It's weird!

Anyways, Happy Friday everyone!! :)


Tuesday, December 8, 2009

My favorite holiday treat!!

I make these every Christmas. They are soooo good! They are called Buckeyes. I use my grandmother's old recipe.  I made them once around Thanksgiving, and I am going to make them again closer to Christmas. I have been counting each one as 3 Weight Watchers Points. I haven't actually figured this out though, I am just guestimating. I don't think I have had anyone try one and say they didn't like it.

So yesterday I wrapped a ton of presents, I am going to try to wrap some more today if I can.  I have the cutest wrapping paper I got from Target. I like taking the time to make my presents pretty and chic! :)

Next week, the office is going down to Williamsburg. I am looking forward to it. The outlets are down there. I love the outlets. Haha.

Over Thanksgiving...

This was the first year I ran the Turkey Trot, which takes place every year on Thanksigiving. It was one of the first runs I actually still had energy when I was done with the race. I must have paced myself better than I usually do. My friend Shahanna and I ran it and did great!!

Scott and I spent Thanksgiving at his Aunt's house. It was nice. Then the next day, his aunts invited me to do some Black Friday shopping, so ofcourse I went. Me, pass up shopping, yeah, right!

Still doing the Weight Watchers....I took a break over Thanksgiving, it's just impossible to deny myself the wonderful foods of Thanksgiving. It was so nice, taking the mini break, but boy, did I want just keep eating what I had been over the holiday, hehe.

My parents came up to the house last week. It was nice to see them.  I am glad I found my wedding dress when my mom was up. I really wanted her to be here for that. I found the perfect dress, I need to be quiet about it, because I am just talking way too much, anyone who knows me knows this is nothing new, haha :)

Anyways, I hope everyone is having a great week! :)