Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Yep, I signed up for a HALF MARATHON!

Last Friday, I registered online for the Rock 'N' Roll Half Marathon taking place in Virginia Beach. Have I ever ran a Half Marathon before?! Nope! Have I ever ran a 10K, Nope! The longest race I have been in, a 5K. A few of my friends, (one in particular, Miss Shahanna) helped motivate me.  13.1 miles is a bit overwhelming to me right now, but I keep telling myself...I have been able to walk 13.1 miles straight, so why not try to jog a little more and accomplish something like this. The race isn't until Sept. 2, so I feel like I have plenty of time to train. The Marine Half-Marathon is taking place close to my house next month, but I just feel like that would be way to difficult for me, being that it is next month. 13.1 miles, ahahhhh, I hope I can do this. I have starting training already, and am on my second week.  I just need to keep telling myself, I can do this. Any tips/training advice from people who have accomplished something like this before?

Friday, April 13, 2012

Another Furbaby Friday! :)

 Just a few pics I took of Miss. Roxy over Easter Weekend! :)



I am loving Instagram! :) Its one of my fav iPhone apps....I decided to join @fatmumslim for yet another month. Here are all my March photos! Enjoy!

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Oh, How Pinteresting Wednesday!!

My favorites this week...
I LOVE these!! :):) You can find them over at Graphic Image, and they are only $15! :)

I have shared these on my blog before (the ones with the silver buckle). These are some new ones from the same maker, that I love just as much! Had to share!

So true!!! Whenever I am overwhelmed about anything at all, this quote helps! :)

Easter Weekend...

I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter weekend! :) Scott, myself & the pup made a trip down to visit my parents this weekend...It was sooooo relaxing, and it went by entirely too fast! :)
This is their backyard, isn't it gorgeous?!
The pup enjoying the beautiful weather!

Looking forward to the next time we can make it down to visit! :)

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Oh, How Pinteresting Wednesday!!

My favorites from Pinterest this week...

Another shellac manicure of mine, that I pinned ofcourse...This time I went with more of an American Manicure kind of look! :) Love how nice the shellac always looks!
Love this idea for Easter, isn't it pretty!?
And to keep with the Easter theme...
This gorgeous iphone background from Ashley Brooke Designs. :)
And ofcourse, some quotes!

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Target Tuesday! :)

Went to Target on my lunch break today, and just had to share my two small but awesome buys! :)

I spotted this as I walked in the door! :) It was in the dollar section, a pink lighter, ummmm, yeah, I had to buy it! :)

Then there were these! :) They double as both a ponytail holder AND a bracelet! :) Love them!

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Yay, It's my birthday!

I am having a great 29th birthday so far!! I have been enjoying my NEW iPad from the hubby. I actually have been enjoying that gift for a few weeks now. I pre-ordered that baby as soon as I was able! :) i also received a lot of other gifts (monetary ones) that I will be enjoying as well, hehe.  Since my birthday lands on Sunday this year, we went out to dinner last night to celebrate! We went to Firebirds Wood Fired Grill, it's one of my fav places! I ordered a yummy PINK Flirtini! :) 
One more year till the big 3-0! I think I am going to see if the hubby and I can arrange a cruise for that one! :) Thanks everyone for all the birthday wishes! It's been a wonderful relaxing Sunday! :)