Thursday, September 30, 2010

Thirty One Gifts OCTOBER Special begins tomorrow!!!!

I can't wait to take advantage of this deal!! :) I got these bags for my bridesmaids before my wedding this past July.  I got them all personalized too!! My mom also has one of these also......It looks like I will be getting one this month as well!

You only have to spend 31 dollars, and this tote is only 5 bucks! :) I love the months were the bags are 5 bucks! :) I might actually get two for myself, haha..... Wait, I am supposed to be selling these, not buying them all....I do sell some bags to other people, really, I do....

October is a great month to start your Christmas shopping! :)

Here is my Thirty One site!! :)

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

So?! I needed a smile...

So I did two things.....

1. Had a nice glass of wine (again) before bedtime.....

2. Dressed Roxy up as a Hot Dog, not too sure if it's a good fit for her...we were just testing it out, that's all....

Anyways, it made me smile, I wanted to share.....

Sunday, September 26, 2010

I sure am missing my Daddy-pa.....

It's took me a while to do this blog entry....mainly because I cry a lot, and it makes me sad to think my life without my grandpa.....I am very grateful that Scott and I were able to make it down to visit him a lot, it makes me happy to know that I was able to spend time with him.  I saw the happiness that came across his face when he would see us, or anyone in the family, and that made me smile.   I tried my best to let him know he was always in my thoughts....I sent him a card, a few weeks before he passed, for grandparent's day, and I made sure to put a lot of pictures in the card. They were from my wedding. I really wanted him to feel like he was there..... Sent him a nice plant too before that. The day he passed I had bought him another card to mail.....but I wasn't able to mail it, which broke my heart.....

Everywhere I turn....something is reminding me of him, and the tears start, (like they are now, but I am finishing this entry!!) I will miss soooo many things...

I will miss the way he would laugh at me, simply because I had to kiss him about 50 times before I would leave from a visit....he would simply just give me a grin, and a look like I was crazy, but a good crazy, hehe.....

I will miss the boat rides he used to take us on, he loved the water.....

I will remember how when I was younger I used to scoot the corn from my dinner plate onto my fork, so I was able to get it all in my mouth, and how Daddy-pa would say "I am gonna cut those fingers off if you keep doing that" and how I really thought I was going to be going home with no fingers, LOL...

I will remember how he was able to sleep through ANYTHING (in his chair ofcourse) or how he was always on the back porch drinking MGD. Just sitting outside, enjoying the beauty of life...

I will remember him taking me to shoot my first gun, at the wildlife club he was president of at one time....

I will remember how he always had a container full of nutter butters or oreos, and how we always would ask him if we could have some....

I will remember how we would beg to sleep in the basement, on a mattress in the closet under the stairs, don't ask me why....but we loved though, I would be terrified....

I will remember how Roxy always gave him a good smile, and she loved him, and the way he would feed her at every meal time....

I will remember how I told Daddy-pa I was making a scrapbook and needed some pictures, and how I made copies, and actually surprised him with a collage of pictures of Mommy-pa and him after she had passed, and I will never forget his face looking at me, he was a tough grandpa but I could tell how happy and touched he was to get it.....

I will remember LAKEFEST every summer, and how we would always walk around Clarksville to all the booths, and then see fireworks that night.....will never forget those memories....

The only thing that brings me peace now is that he gets to be with my Mommy-pa again, and I think he really wanted that.  I am blessed that if he had to leave, God took him when he did. In his age, his dementia had been getting worse, and I think God took him from us before it got too bad for him. It broke my heart that I couldn't live closer, but I was thankful that my parents were close.

I always felt close to my grandfather, after my grandma died, I made it a point to try to visit, try to send lots of cards, and call....just to let him know I always thinking of him....
and I always will be...

Sunday, September 19, 2010

For those who can't cook......

I ran across this while looking for new WW meal options, and thought I would share.....

For 4 POINTS values
  • Blimpie Chef Salad (without dressing)
  • Subway Roast Beef, Turkey or Ham Sandwich
  • One Del Taco taco
  • Wendy's small chili
  • One medium serving of Boston Market's Vegetarian Chili
For 5 POINTS values
  • Del Taco Bean & Cheese Burrito (Red or Green)
  • Large Au Bon Pain Split Pea Soup
  • Six-inch Subway Turkey Breast Sub
  • Taco Bell Soft Beef Taco or a Tostada
  • Chick-Fil-A Southwest Chargrilled Chicken Salad with 2 tablespoons Light Italian Dressing
For 6 POINTS values
  • Arby's Light Roast Turkey Deluxe Sandwich and a side salad with 1 packet reduced-calorie Buttermilk dressing
  • Au Bon Pain Ham & Cheese Croissant
  • One Hardee's fried chicken leg and a small serving of mashed potatoes
  • A KFC Extra Crispy Chicken Drumstick with Skin plus 1 small piece corn on the cob and a serving of green beans
  • Dairy Queen Grilled Chicken Salad with 1 serving fat-free Ranch dressing
For 7 POINTS values
  • Wendy's Jr Hamburger with a side salad and half a packet of fat-free French dressing
  • Six Burger King Chicken Tenders with 1 packet of dipping sauce
  • Arby's Sourdough Ham Melt
For 8 POINTS values
  • Hardee's Regular Roast Beef Sandwich
  • Dairy Queen Homestyle Cheeseburger
  • 1 pizza Little Caesar's Pizza Baby Pan! Pan!
  • One Taco Bell Double Decker Taco Supreme
  • One slice (1/12 of a large pie) Pizza Hut Chicken Supreme Stuffed Crust Pizza
For 9 POINTS values
  • Burger King TenderGrill Chicken Sandwich with Honey Mustard
  • Chick-Fil-A Chicken Caesar Cool Wrap
  • McDonald's Filet-O-Fish
  • 2 slices (1/4 of a medium pizza) Pizza Hut Thin 'N' Crispy Cheese Pizza
  • Subway's Tuna with Cheese Salad

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Love my latest Thirty One purchase!!!

I just ordered the cutest mini zipper pouch to use in my purse. It is solid black, monogrammed with my new initials in ivory.  I definitely have my favorite pieces that Thirty One carries, and I have ones that aren’t really “me”.  But this mini zipper pouch…’s”soooo me!”   I love the way it turned out. Now I am very guilty of finding something I like, and sticking with it…..I love simple/solid items, I think they are classy and super cute! So I find myself just buying those items for the most part. It’s probably not the best thing for me to buy all the things “I” just like, because when I show people items they see “my favorite solid items in my favorite font” LOL….. I do have plenty of catalogs though, and I still try to throw things into my collection, that I wouldn’t necessarily use, just to give everyone something different to look at. Thirty One is always having good deals, so if it is a 5 dollar tote week, I am buying a 5 dollar tote!   I have two products that I just love, and they are the zipper pouches and the large utility totes. I now have 3 large utility totes, and I have 2 large zipper pouches and one small one (okay so that’s 3) I use the large totes in my trunk, on weekend trips to visit the family, and they are perfect.  The smaller zipper pouches I use in my purse, and in the larger zipper pouch holds my mini laptop perfectly! Who would have thought!? So today is just my evening of ranting/raving about the products I sell so well, to myself, but to others too, I am sticking to it, I think I just need to let more people know what “Thirty One” is, because it’s not really widely sold here in King George, hehe….
Halfway through the week, am super anxious for the weekend to get here! Talk to everyone later…..and remember, I have a Sept. party open on my Thirty One site, so if you want something....

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Back on the Banana Boat (and when I say Banana, I mean Weight Watchers)

So it’s been almost 2 months since Scott and I got married.  I have to say, that during this time, I haven’t been doing weight watchers like I had been previously….and after getting on the scale I realized I gained about 10 pounds since the wedding.   So, I decided as of last Friday, I was getting back on my weight watchers diet, which means, no more “straying away”.  Before the wedding, I had a specific goal I set for myself, to be at a certain weight before I got married. I was at 204 when I started in August of last year.  In that time, I lost 54 pounds, and got down to 150.  Usually I wouldn’t broadcast ANYTHING about my weight, but the fact that I was able to accomplish my goal, makes it easier to talk about!
So without the meetings, the “wedding” was my main motivation. Now I need to set a new goal for myself.  Not a weight loss goal, a new goal to help me stick to my weight watchers “lifestyle”. Still trying to decide exactly how to find that new “motivation”.
So as of last Friday, I am back on the weight watchers, and trying to do my 2 mile run/walk at least 2 to 3 times a week. Since I am starting the WW back up again, I am looking for new things to eat that I am not tired of, and that I haven’t ate previously.
Today I discovered that a box of cracker jacks is only 2 weight watchers points, what a great snack find. I am excited to take full advantage of that one!  Had a box today after lunch! Another new find (courtesy of my mom) are these Strawberry Smoothie WW pops….They are really good. They never looked too appetizing, so I never bought them. Last time I went to visit my parents, my mom had some, so of course, I sampled one, and then another, LOL….and they tasted just like strawberry ice cream with bits of strawberries in between! Sooo good, and they are only 1 point per bar….I could eat  a whole box and still have points left for the day, OKAY….so I wouldn’t do that, but I could, haha….
Anyways, I hope everyone has a good week. Will talk soon!

Friday, September 10, 2010

Thirty One Gifts SEPT Special!!

For the whole month of September if you spend $31.00, you get a demi purse for only 14.50. It's a pretty awesome deal! The demi purse has removable outside covers, so you can switch the cover to the purse, depending on what you are wearing for the day. I usually place atleast one big order each month (to help everyone save on shipping) This is the party I have open currently, so if you go here, you can purchase online!  I hope everyone has a great Friday, this week flew by!

Click Here to SHOP

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Only $1.00!

Look at the lamp I found over the weekend at a yard sale, only cost me $1.00. It looks pretty nice in our living room. Thought I would share!

On a side note, tomorrow is Friday, yay! :) Hope everyone has a nice Thursday! :)

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Cotton Candy Cupcakes?!?!

I regularly read this one blog, and today they posted a recipe, that looked so yummy, just had to share.  Speaking of food.....starting on Friday, I start the weight watchers diet back up.....I have had entirely way to many of my favorite treats this past month, and I need to get back into the swing of things.....

But first, the cupcakes....I will need to try to make these before Friday, doesn't leave me much time, haha....

oh, goodie! designs & events: recipe wednesday!!: "ok, party people. check your insulin now. as promised, the recipe for Cotton Candy Cupcakes!! via Makes 24 cupcakes Yello..."

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Doing a little redecorating.....

Using some of our beautiful wedding presents, we now have a "whole new look" in our dining room. Well actually, since we have moved there, we didn't have anything on the table, so its more like our "first look" for the dining room, LOL.  The beautiful place mats (Williams-Sonoma) came from my parents, the dishes (Target)  from Ms. Amber VanAlstine, and the glass bowl (Crate and Barrel) from my Aunt Diane. My mom left some yellow curtains behind when they moved....and that brings the whole look together. I bought the fake lemons......because chances of me using lemons, are slim to none.

Next....we move on to the upstairs bathroom.......I have changed the shower curtain about 3 times now, I need a new look every so often. This is the newest look. I like it. :):)   It caught my eye, and it was pretty affordable too. Better Homes and Gardens makes this particular pattern/design. I have the towels, shower curtain, and bath mat..... I am sure I will come up with a bunch of other things to add to it eventually.