Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Back on the Banana Boat (and when I say Banana, I mean Weight Watchers)

So it’s been almost 2 months since Scott and I got married.  I have to say, that during this time, I haven’t been doing weight watchers like I had been previously….and after getting on the scale I realized I gained about 10 pounds since the wedding.   So, I decided as of last Friday, I was getting back on my weight watchers diet, which means, no more “straying away”.  Before the wedding, I had a specific goal I set for myself, to be at a certain weight before I got married. I was at 204 when I started in August of last year.  In that time, I lost 54 pounds, and got down to 150.  Usually I wouldn’t broadcast ANYTHING about my weight, but the fact that I was able to accomplish my goal, makes it easier to talk about!
So without the meetings, the “wedding” was my main motivation. Now I need to set a new goal for myself.  Not a weight loss goal, a new goal to help me stick to my weight watchers “lifestyle”. Still trying to decide exactly how to find that new “motivation”.
So as of last Friday, I am back on the weight watchers, and trying to do my 2 mile run/walk at least 2 to 3 times a week. Since I am starting the WW back up again, I am looking for new things to eat that I am not tired of, and that I haven’t ate previously.
Today I discovered that a box of cracker jacks is only 2 weight watchers points, what a great snack find. I am excited to take full advantage of that one!  Had a box today after lunch! Another new find (courtesy of my mom) are these Strawberry Smoothie WW pops….They are really good. They never looked too appetizing, so I never bought them. Last time I went to visit my parents, my mom had some, so of course, I sampled one, and then another, LOL….and they tasted just like strawberry ice cream with bits of strawberries in between! Sooo good, and they are only 1 point per bar….I could eat  a whole box and still have points left for the day, OKAY….so I wouldn’t do that, but I could, haha….
Anyways, I hope everyone has a good week. Will talk soon!

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  1. Marie G SlusserSeptember 14, 2010

    Our County offered to pay for half of our meetings for 12 weeks, as long as you attended 9 out of 12, and the meetings are held during lunch time at our office-couldn't pass it up. Congrats on the pounds lost-how exciting! I've lost 9.6 so far, and will continue until I reach my 25% goal :)