Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Doing a little redecorating.....

Using some of our beautiful wedding presents, we now have a "whole new look" in our dining room. Well actually, since we have moved there, we didn't have anything on the table, so its more like our "first look" for the dining room, LOL.  The beautiful place mats (Williams-Sonoma) came from my parents, the dishes (Target)  from Ms. Amber VanAlstine, and the glass bowl (Crate and Barrel) from my Aunt Diane. My mom left some yellow curtains behind when they moved....and that brings the whole look together. I bought the fake lemons......because chances of me using lemons, are slim to none.

Next....we move on to the upstairs bathroom.......I have changed the shower curtain about 3 times now, I need a new look every so often. This is the newest look. I like it. :):)   It caught my eye, and it was pretty affordable too. Better Homes and Gardens makes this particular pattern/design. I have the towels, shower curtain, and bath mat..... I am sure I will come up with a bunch of other things to add to it eventually.

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