Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Love my latest Thirty One purchase!!!

I just ordered the cutest mini zipper pouch to use in my purse. It is solid black, monogrammed with my new initials in ivory.  I definitely have my favorite pieces that Thirty One carries, and I have ones that aren’t really “me”.  But this mini zipper pouch…’s”soooo me!”   I love the way it turned out. Now I am very guilty of finding something I like, and sticking with it…..I love simple/solid items, I think they are classy and super cute! So I find myself just buying those items for the most part. It’s probably not the best thing for me to buy all the things “I” just like, because when I show people items they see “my favorite solid items in my favorite font” LOL….. I do have plenty of catalogs though, and I still try to throw things into my collection, that I wouldn’t necessarily use, just to give everyone something different to look at. Thirty One is always having good deals, so if it is a 5 dollar tote week, I am buying a 5 dollar tote!   I have two products that I just love, and they are the zipper pouches and the large utility totes. I now have 3 large utility totes, and I have 2 large zipper pouches and one small one (okay so that’s 3) I use the large totes in my trunk, on weekend trips to visit the family, and they are perfect.  The smaller zipper pouches I use in my purse, and in the larger zipper pouch holds my mini laptop perfectly! Who would have thought!? So today is just my evening of ranting/raving about the products I sell so well, to myself, but to others too, I am sticking to it, I think I just need to let more people know what “Thirty One” is, because it’s not really widely sold here in King George, hehe….
Halfway through the week, am super anxious for the weekend to get here! Talk to everyone later…..and remember, I have a Sept. party open on my Thirty One site, so if you want something....

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  1. I totally didn't relize you had a blog -- I love it. I hope everything is going well for you and I'm following you :o) now so we can keep in touch!

    Thanks again for supporting my business!

    xoxo always -- Kate