Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Over Thanksgiving...

This was the first year I ran the Turkey Trot, which takes place every year on Thanksigiving. It was one of the first runs I actually still had energy when I was done with the race. I must have paced myself better than I usually do. My friend Shahanna and I ran it and did great!!

Scott and I spent Thanksgiving at his Aunt's house. It was nice. Then the next day, his aunts invited me to do some Black Friday shopping, so ofcourse I went. Me, pass up shopping, yeah, right!

Still doing the Weight Watchers....I took a break over Thanksgiving, it's just impossible to deny myself the wonderful foods of Thanksgiving. It was so nice, taking the mini break, but boy, did I want just keep eating what I had been over the holiday, hehe.

My parents came up to the house last week. It was nice to see them.  I am glad I found my wedding dress when my mom was up. I really wanted her to be here for that. I found the perfect dress, I need to be quiet about it, because I am just talking way too much, anyone who knows me knows this is nothing new, haha :)

Anyways, I hope everyone is having a great week! :)

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