Friday, December 18, 2009

Snow and Christmas!!!

Exactly one week till Christmas. I am done with my Christmas shopping. I hope to finish wrapping my last few presents this weekend. We are supposed to get a crazy snow storm this weekend. So I figure I will have a lot of time to do things around the house!

Can't believe the end of the year is almost here again. It seems to be flying by so fast. This will be my last Christmas as an unmarried gal. I can't believe the wedding will be here in July.  I am getting excited!!! :):) I have my dress, I have the colors of the wedding, and I have my bridesmaids! (Photographer and DJ too!) So now I need to get to all the other things.

This Christmas we are going to get to see both Scott's and my family. This will be the first Christmas that my parents aren't living in King George. It's weird!

Anyways, Happy Friday everyone!! :)


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