Tuesday, December 8, 2009

My favorite holiday treat!!

I make these every Christmas. They are soooo good! They are called Buckeyes. I use my grandmother's old recipe.  I made them once around Thanksgiving, and I am going to make them again closer to Christmas. I have been counting each one as 3 Weight Watchers Points. I haven't actually figured this out though, I am just guestimating. I don't think I have had anyone try one and say they didn't like it.

So yesterday I wrapped a ton of presents, I am going to try to wrap some more today if I can.  I have the cutest wrapping paper I got from Target. I like taking the time to make my presents pretty and chic! :)

Next week, the office is going down to Williamsburg. I am looking forward to it. The outlets are down there. I love the outlets. Haha.

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