Monday, June 22, 2009

New bathroom ideas

My first step is going to be a shower curtain. I think I want to use this fabric to the right, what do you think??
It has a lot of pinks and I like that about it....And Scott has his bathroom, I want to do this one my way, hehe :):)
Then I want to do towels, trashcan, etc... :):)
Any tips, advice? Someone who can make this for me, semi-affordably?


  1. That will be beautiful. Do it!!! one step at a time!

  2. I just bought the shower curtain, its little pricier than I had hoped, the fabric brings the price up, but am so excited about it, so I will start with that, and then little by little I can get new things for the bathroom :):) I am excited! :):)