Wednesday, February 10, 2010

It's still snowing?!

So I have been home today. I actually caught up on a lot of my work, so it was a pretty productive day.  So much snow though. I can honestly say that I am ready for it to be warm again!  I have been making tons of snow drinks (kool-aid and snow, yummmm) 

I am taking a little break from my Etsy page that I sell things on. I want to try to take the shop in a different direction, I am not sure exactly what I want to do quite yet. I have sold a few things on ebay, but I think I like selling more on etsy than on ebay.

Scott's birthday is coming up on the 19th, I need to stop by the mall and pick up his favorite big cookie cake. Doesn't matter how old you get, those cookie cakes are soooo good! :) hehe.... I got him some new floor mats for his truck, some nice ones if I may say so myself, he knows he is getting them.

Anyways, just checking in, halfway through the week, almost to Friday! :)

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