Wednesday, October 21, 2009

How I asked my bridesmaids to be in my wedding....

I had these made....and on the back I had them all ask the question if they would be in my wedding. I thought it was a cute idea. I love this seller's peices on etsy (sayyourpeice) Her peices are very unique and pretty! I can't even count how many of these ceramic peices I have around the house. She is always able to personalize them perfectly for me. So here are the pics, I love them! :)
So I decided I am definitely having torquoise in the wedding. That is a definite, so now I need to figure out what other color to go with it. I keep changing my mind. I still have time to decide, I just am not sure.

So a few weeks ago, Liz, one of my childhood friends, took Scotts and my engagement photos. I can't wait until she posts them on her blog! :) And this weekend, Scott, me, Matthew, and Roxy are going to go take a photo with her to use on our Christmas cards this year. I am excited about that as well! I am getting my haircut, and Roxy is going to the groomer. We are getting all pretty!  Anyways, have a good Wednesday, the week is halfway over!



  1. I like how my name is displayed..:) Yes!! Go Me!! :) haha

  2. I feel almost famous now!

    Make sure I get a link to that blog so I can see the photos... I feel like I've become heavily invested in this wedding!

    Say Your Piece!