Thursday, November 4, 2010

My day at CulinAerie yesterday...

Every quarter, my company has quarterly awards they give out to the region. They turn this award ceremony into a "group event" by planning a different event/activity for the company to participate in. Yesterday, we went to a place called CulinAerie. This is a cooking school, where they teach you to make different meals, etc... It was a very neat experience for me. As most know, I don't like cooking, I am not the best at it. (Except sweet stuff, I love making candies/cakes/cookies) We all made a 3 course meal, and I am pretty impressed with the way our food turned out..... First we made a salad, it used oil, lemon, cheese, etc....... I didn't like this so much....but the rest of the meal was fantastic!
Then we made the main dish.....It was composed of Garlic, Tomatoes, Peppers, Onions, Chicken, seasonings, etc...on a bed of rice....It was very good....I cleaned my plate (I also took the day off from weight watchers, I know, I know)
The last thing we made was a chocolate souffle.   This was probably my favorite! There was also a sweet creamy sauce we used with it that made it even better....It was very  fluffy and cake light. I actually had never had a souffle before....
I think the end result was great, I had a great group that made the meal great....For some reason I think that if I were doing this on my own, it wouldn't have ended up as nice...hehe.... It was good for me to do this though, a neat place in DC I never went to, and not a far drive at all! :) Definitely would recommend this activity for any large group!

Talk to everyone soon, tomorrow is Friday, yay!

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