Saturday, May 21, 2011

My Happy List

It's been a while, sorry I haven't been staying up to date with my blogging, had to check back in and say hi!!

I am happy that:
Roxy decided to take a mid-afternoon nap with me!

I am happy that
I am at 99 followers, one more and I said I would do a giveaway!! Let's just pray it goes better than my first giveaway did, lol...

I am happy that:
I ran across these over at A Thoughtful Place. Also saw them on Michaela's blog too! You Are My Fav put her own twist on these by making them on her own. What a cute idea!!! You can find the original idea for these by going here.

I am happy that:

Our front lawn looks so nice, thanks to the hubby!! Only thing I can grow is my nails, haha....

I hope everyone has a nice rest of their Saturday!!


1 comment:

  1. Is Roxy a Doxie? your lawn looks AMAZING!!