Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Pink Totes go on sale TODAY! :)

Thirty One Gifts has a great special going on for the month of JUNE ONLY!! :) This hot pink tote is available for purchase!! Spend $31 and get a large utility tote for ONLY $9! :) Ofcourse what I will end up doing is probably buying a hot pink tote, and then getting ANOTHER hot pink tote for only $9.  It's a great deal, too bad it will only be this month!

Click HERE to go right to my page so you can shop! :) Remember that if you don't live close to make sure you have your purchase shipped to your home, and not to me.  You know you want to help me out, right?! LOL.....I haven't been selling too much, well, other than to myself, haha.... Just wanted to share this JUNE Special with everyone, it's such a fun summer tote, isn't it! :)

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