Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Cricut Concerns... is my dilemma. 2 years ago I decided I wanted to buy a Cricut Expression and I did just that. I attempted to use it one time. That's right, just one time. I failed miserably. So it just sits on the desk in my craft room.

I mainly got it because I wanted to try and make vinyl stickers. I have yet to attempt that. Since I did so awful cutting paper, I just stopped there.

Does anyone have any tips?? I need to take a class, lol. Really I just want to learn how to cut vinyl, and how to possibly design cute monograms that I can create on the machine. That's all I ever really wanted to do. (It's possible, right?!)



  1. Sara,
    So glad to see you post! I just dusted mine off after a year and would love to put it to good use. I heard the software Sure cuts a lot is vital to making our cuts, however, found out they no longer support the cricut.
    I'll be checking back!

  2. Not to sure about the Cricut but I am DYING to own a Silhouette Cameo.I think my husband will kill though because they are EXPENSIVE hahah! I want one for thank you/holiday card making. I LOVE crafts but I will probably need some lessons like you to use it, technology these days is getting crazy our of hand for people like me!