Monday, February 13, 2012

We'll miss you Doozie...

Today was a sad day. My parents had to have our family dog "Doozie" put to sleep today. Days like today, I wish I lived closer to my parents, so I could have been there with them. Doozie lived a long wonderful life. I am glad she isn't in pain anymore...

  I remember the day we went to go pick her out and bring her home for the first time.

 Now, anyone who knows the family, knows that Doozie had a very unique personality. She wasn't big on affection. My mom was "her favorite", I don't think I was, hehe. She wasn't the kind of dog you would run up to and pet....but that was just the way she was, and we all loved her exactly the way God made her. She loved us all, and she just had her own "Doozie" way of showing us.  Growing up, I always had a way of making her howl for a good minute or two straight, It was cute, you had to be there, LOL. :) She would get so excited whenever my Mom would arrive back from anywhere...she really loved her! :)

We will really miss her....and life wouldn't have been the same without having her in it!

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