Friday, August 6, 2010

Things I did for my wedding....

I had several ideas I wanted to use in my own wedding, so I just wanted to share with you all what I eventually ended up doing, so when your day comes, maybe you will want to do something similar for your wedding.

First picture shows some placecard holders I made. I asked a woodworker to help me make the wooden blocks. I asked him to make each cube have a slanted kerf in it so the placecards would stand when set in the cubes.  I then bought some strong glue that you can use on wood, and I bought some stones off ebay to glue on the front of the cubes and TADA....It was as easy as that.  I had placecard holders! Super easy, and they ended up looking great.

I also came up with my own idea for the favors in our wedding too.  Again I started out by ordering the plastic containers from Ebay, and got a great price on 200 of them. Shahanna came over and helped me assemble some of the plastic containers (it was a pretty tedious task, so I am super glad she helped!) Then I purchased the ribbon both online and in the store, Micheals.  I waited till last minute to purchase the final touches. I found some taffy at Wegmans that was the PERFECT shade for the wedding, so I talked to the Bulk Ordering Manager there, and I got TONS of taffy to fill all the favors. The final touch to the favors were these silver round tags that simply said Thank You, I thought they were so cute, so I went back to Micheals, and bought the tags from there also.  All in all, it was a lot of work, but both my family and friends helped, so that was nice. I find that I enjoy things like this, so I look forward to the next big event, so I can try to make something else. :) 

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