Tuesday, May 25, 2010

What a great weekend!

My bridal shower was this weekend! :) It was really nice to see everyone. I got sooo many wonderful gifts.....esp. kitchen items (they are what I need the most)  It went well, it was a beautiful day, and I am glad that I got to see my mom and sister, I hadn't seen them in a while.  The shower was at my house, which generally it wouldn't be, but since my family lives out of town, we decided to do things that way.  I can't wait to be able to use everything I got. Much needed things that I definitely get many uses out of.

I gotta admit, I have been an interesting person to deal with in these last few months coming up to the wedding, but I am soo glad that they semi-understand, and can put up with me. They are wonderful people for dealing with me, so is Scott, he is a very brave man, LOL....to take me on for life, just kidding. :)

Scott and I are finally getting things straightened up around the house. Still have a lot of work to do. This weekend, we are thinking we will do some major work around the house, and clear out all the stuff, that we have no use for. We have a room that is basically the "junk room" and that is one of our main goals, to get that room cleared out, and "usable" again. :)

Another great thing about this weekend....I got on the scale Saturday morning and realized that I had met my goal weight that I set for myself back in August of last year!! I lost 54 pounds, and I am so glad that I am able to say that I met the goal I set for myself. It was hard, and painful at times, (esp. when at restaurants, haha) but I made it! :) It's such a great feeling, and personal achievement that I am sooo happy about! :) I have been rewarding myself for reaching the goal, by having a few more cupcakes (ice cream cupcakes) than I probably should, but I think I have earned it, and will go back to my regular diet here soon.   Doing this WW diet since August, has almost trained me to eat certain things, and when I eat junk food....my body definitely will tell me now that is doesn't like it anymore. I guess that's good (except when my body says it doesn't like cheesecake, gotta do something about that, hehe)  Anyways, I hope everyone has a great week and I will talk to you soon! :) Oh...and I will end with a quote I found today that caught my eye,  love finding new quotes....

What you leave behind is not what is engraved in stone monuments, but what is woven into the lives of others. --Pericles

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