Friday, October 8, 2010

Fabulous Holiday Sweets

This holiday sweet is one of my favorites.  Made from chocolate and peanut butter, these candies are called Buckeyes. They are the best holiday treat, and I have started to make them every Christmas without fail. It was something my Mommy-pa Haga and my Great Aunt Ellen used to make every Christmas. Mommy-pa would give everyone their own bag every year. Due to recently losing Aunt Ellen & Daddypa, it just makes this memory ever so fresh in my mind….and it makes it that more important for me to make them… be on the lookout, chances are my freezer will be fully stocked with these….. Oh…..and I calculated the weight watchers points…..Each Buckeye is 3 to 4 points, YIKES, I know….but I have started to make the regular ones, and then mini ones for myself, so they are less points and WW friendly. You know I had to figure out a solution for this….can’t go without the buckeyes…..

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