Monday, March 8, 2010

Honeymoon deposit, paid!

So today, we paid the deposit for our honeymoon cruise. I am really excited. Scott and I have both never been on a cruise, so we thought this would be the perfect honeymoon for the both of us. We are taking a cruise down to some of the Islands in the Bahamas, and then coming back. I told Scott, the Bahamas was the major place I wanted to go, so I got my wish! :) We got awesome prices too! :) Our roundtrip flights were incredibly low, I don't think I have ever paid that little for a round trip flight.  I am getting super excited about all of this!!! :)  We are doing a Royal Caribbean Cruise. I hear they are very nice. :)

Scott and I went and visited a travel agent on Saturday, and we also got a free AAA membership from booking the cruise.  We also picked out the tuxes that the guys will be wearing. I like them, I approved, haha. :) You know, you always have to approve wedding things. :)

I tried to get out of the house a lot this weekend, since it was so nice. I did a lot of walking and some running.  We are still in the process of closing on our home purchase. It's going to be right around the corner, I am hoping before the end of March! :)

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