Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Time for something new!

The above picture represents me in a supermarket.  For some reason, I really look forward to going to the supermarket now. You would think that me being on a diet, would make this one of my LEAST favorite things but suprisingly it's not. I find it very exciting to find a new healthy meal that I can make. I know, my life, so exciting, haha..... But really, if I try to eat junky food now, I start to get a tummy-ache.....I guess this is good, but I still miss my cheesecakes, I really do, I can't have them anymore. I try to occasionally though, because they just taste so good! :)

I was in Richmond the other weekend, and I decided to try something new. I bought some Cascadian Farms Skinny Fries  I really liked them. I let Scott have one. He was curious to see what they tasted like. He didn't like them. Honestly, since I haven't had fries as much as I used to, these fries tasted wonderful to me. Scott said they were yucky different, I liked them!!

People always say that when you do Weight Watchers it becomes a lifestyle. I understand this statement a lot better now. When you eat healthy, you get used to it, and when you try to eat the junk food you used to, you can handle little amounts, but not huge amounts. (I could handle some huge amounts of junk food in the past, trust me, but not anymore!)

That's all for now! :) Happy Wednesday, tomorrow is my birthday! The big 2-7 for me! My last birthday before I am a married woman! :)

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