Thursday, April 1, 2010

A great new treat!

This morning, my boss brought in a Wegmans mini fruit tart for me, for my birthday. She knows I am big time dieting, so she decided to get this fruit tart, which has a lot of fruit on it, making it healthier.

I was just curious, and I wanted to figure out how many points are in a mini Wegmans fruit tart, and I was very surprised at the results I came up with. Only 5 WW points!! I could eat one every morning for breakfast if I wanted to, ofcourse, I'm not going to do that, but I was just really happy that the points were not too high.  I still was very surprised though, but everywhere I googled, it still calculated up to 5 WW points, so I am going with that!

So my 27th Birthday is today. My last birthday as a single gal before I get married. The wedding will be here before I realize it. Wow, it's April, the wedding is in July, only 4 1/2 months! Still have lots to do, but I think I have been pretty productive, so I should be fine. :) Finally picked out the bridesmaids shoes a few days ago, they are cute, I already own the shoes, but in black, so I know they look great! :)

No special birthday plans today really....I am going to go get a dinner at a locally owned resteraunt in Port Royal, VA. It is a neighboring county right next to King George. I love their crabcakes, and they are close by, so I asked Scott if we could go there tonight for dinner, YAY! :)

Anyways, hope everyone has a nice day, tomorrow is Friday!! WAHOO!!!!


  1. Happy belated Birthday!!!!! Hope you enjoyed your crab cakes!!!