Friday, April 9, 2010

Yeah for the weekend!! :)

Hey everyone! :) I am sooo glad the weekend is here!! Been a very productive work week, but I am so excited to just do nothing for a few days!!! Not that I have a lot of plans or anything, sometimes it is just nice to relax! As you all have probably read previously, I am having my first Thirty One Gifts open house this weekend!  Click here to look!! You can buy online if you can't make it!

Anyone is welcome, it's nothing fancy. You can just come, look at some of their products and catalog.  I really don't like pressuring people to buy, ughhh, cause I know that I hate it when it is done to me. I just think, (and this is just my opinion ofcourse) that their bags and totes are great!! I love them, and to think I really didn't know anything about them about a month ago,  I really just wanted to start selling things, so I could get discounts at the same time, haha, and show off some of the cute items that I have come to love.....and honestly, I don't think I will be that disappointed if I am not as successful at this as I initially thought, because if it doesn't work out, HEY, I got a lot of great cute bags, and what girl doesn't love bags, hehe.

Anyways, I hope everyone has a great weekend!! :) 

Oh, p.s.....I think I am going to sign up for two 5K's coming up, the Stafford Hospital 5K and the Semper Fred 5K (Part of the Marine Corps Marathon) in Fredericksburg. Come and join me if you want to. Its always nice to have a running partner! :)

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