Monday, April 19, 2010

Did someone say Wegmans, again?!

I hope everybody had a great weekend!! :):) I had a very productive last couple of days. Saturday was my day of doing wedding errands. I got my flowers selected. I think they will look great come July. I also got a lot of my cake questions answered, so everything is coming together.  I drove from the church to the reception site, and edited some directions I had typed up for the invites going in the mail here soon as well. Of course, since Wegmans is close by, I always have to stop by their as well, hehe.  I found these mini cheese canolli's.  They are sooo yummy. I figured out the WW points in these, and the mini ones are 2 points a piece.  Definitely worth the two points if you ask me! Some are drizzled with chocolate, others with powdered sugar. Yum...if you have never tried these, go and get some! Oh, and Two Sisters (one of my favorite boutiques in Downtown Fredericksburg) was having a trunk show, so I stopped by there and bought a few things. I don't think I ever go in there, and come out without a bag. I love that store.

Yesterday Scott and I spent the day cleaning the house/doing outdoor chores. Sunday is always my cleaning day. I was also able to get a run in on Saturday, Sunday, and today too so thats always good. Getting a run everyday, really makes me feel a lot better, not as tired either. I can definitely tell the difference now when I compare how I feel  presently to how I felt at this time last year. Exercise definitely has helped my health, and I don't even think I caught a cold this winter/spring. I know, so strange, I always usually come down with some sort of cold. Anyways, just wanted to check in with everybody, it was a busy Monday, wanted to catch up and say hello before I go to bed! :) Night all!!

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