Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Did someone say Wegmans?

I want to share with you all the best cake I have ever tried (and tried again, over and over). No joke, if I wasn't dieting, I could easily eat this whole cake by myself, no problem. My office got this cake for my birthday, and they told me to take the remaining half home with me.  From then on, I ate this cake for every meal, even breakfast. I figured since it was my birthday I could take a "mini" diet break and have some of my favorite cake. If possible I am going to incorporate this cake into my wedding,  I plan on figuring it all out, but I will make it happen, haha.... They don't actually make this specific type of cake as a wedding cake, but I figured I could think up something creative.....

Speaking of being creative, I am trying to come up with a unique idea for the wedding centerpeices. Being that I can't spend as much on the flowers as I had hoped, I want to try other ideas. Simple ideas, that maybe just involve a few flowers, and some square vases. I have seen some cute ideas.  I also decided that I want a wedding coordinator, BUT, haha....I can't afford one....SO....I need to find a good person that would want to volunteer their time to be my go to gal at the wedding, because they love me sooooo much! LOL! Trying to figure out who would be a good person for this kind of job (That's not already in the wedding) Got any ideas?!

Anyways, talk to you all soon, halfway through the week already! :)

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