Thursday, April 15, 2010

Glasses...and lots of them....

Okay, so yesterday I went back to the eye doctor. I got a new prescription about a week or two ago. I am even MORE near-sited now. So I went back, to have them do a contact lens check because I noticed some up close vision problems (which I never have had problems with). Turns out, I have a problem with reading/computer screens as well. He told me something about me needing a pair of glasses with a prism in the lenses. Something with my eyes not focusing correctly like they should. I asked him, so what, do I cross my eyes when I am trying to read up close??? Haha, I am probably not even explaining it right, but he did say I needed to get some special prism glasses for reading, etc... that I would wear OVER my contacts, wear glasses over my contacts, so whats the point of having the contacts, if I have to put on the glasses....I am better off getting rid of the contacts all together, and getting glasses with both the prism and my prescription in them, but then when I was driving, I would need another pair of glasses without the prism in it, LOL.... I could have 3 pairs of glasses if I really wanted....

1. Pair with my prescription (to wear when driving, anything but reading)
2. Pair with the Prism (to be worn over my contacts only when reading)
3. Pair with both (To wear when I am reading, and to be alternated with #1 when I am not reading)

I know, enough to give anyone a headache from just thinking about it, ughhhh
 Who knows. Its a minor problem right now that isn't bothering me too much, so I may hold off on getting the special "prism" glasses, or any glasses for that matter.

Anyways, talk to everyone later, have a wonderful evening!

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