Saturday, June 5, 2010

Bringing back the ETSY page....

Recently, I took a break from my etsy page. I am bringing it back though. I am starting out with something new. I was looking at making some, just to have for myself, and then I thought, these are cute, they could go on etsy, so I did a few additional wine charms and decided to bring the page back. With the wedding and all, I have been staying super busy, but I had the opportunity  to put these together, so take a look! :) I think I put them at a reasonable price, I have seen them for way more, and I don't see that being spent on something dainty and simple like wine charms, unless maybe they were made from pricey beads and metals. :)
There is a link for my etsy page on the right side of my blog, so if you click anywhere on it, it will take you right to my page. :) Take a look. You may see me adding different things in the future. Still deciding what other things I want to add.

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