Monday, June 14, 2010


So this past week, I went by Two Sisters (one of my favorite boutiques in Fredericksburg, if you are not familiar). I bought a bunch of wonderful things as usual, and before I left I ran across these cookies. They are super cute!! :) I ended up buying two before I left. I ate one, because "I HAD" to know what they tasted like. They were really good!!! :) Two Sisters just started selling them. They are great for little gifts to give, whether you are just going to a little dinner party, or throwing them in a gift bag in a little "extra" something.  Click here to go to the "Nanny's Sugar Cookies." She has a lot of different pictures posted of the different cookies she can make, or has made in the past. Two Sisters has a basket FULL of different cookies, so if you are just interested in buying a few cookies, run by there and check them out!! :)

I hope everyone has a great week! :)

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