Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Mamarazzi's Favorite Things Swap!


Mamarazzi granted me "special permission" to participate in one of her swaps that she has on her blog, and I am really looking forward to it!! This swap will be taking place on April 1st-2nd, and who doesn't like the idea of getting a package filled with presents?! I love buying things for others too, (what?!, I do!) so I should really enjoy this! I discovered that Mamarazzi and myself share a birthday too (Apr. 1) so we will be getting packages, and it will be our birthdays!! Even better!!


  1. Sara...i am happy to grant you a newbie spot since you always play on my blog and i just think you are darling!! thanks for following and for everything you bring to the conversation. i am really looking forward to seeing how creative you get AND what your favorite things are!

  2. So much fun to be had!

  3. Mamarazzi is the best hostess. I'm glad to get in on this one!

  4. I can't WAIT for this swap!!!! My list is made. Now I just need my partner's name! =)

  5. Seriously, you are going to have SO MUCH FUN! I love these swaps, they're fantastic.

  6. Sara,

    So there is another April Fool's Day baby out there eh? I hope you have a great time!