Wednesday, March 2, 2011

What I'm loving Wednesday! :)

I'm loving:
My wonderful husband, Scott ofcourse! (As always)

I'm loving:
Anything that has a Moroccan Trellis pattern, I don't know why, this pattern just catches my eye, I think its so pretty, it has a simple, classy look that I can't stop looking at, hehe...(I go through pattern phases, first it was Amy Butler and her coriander prints, then it was Damask, and NOW it is this Moroccan Trellis pattern.  I am even thinking I would love to stencil the walls in our living room like this picture below.....wonder how Scott will like it?! LOL....maybe we will wait a lil...

And ofcourse this new scentsy warmer, I love it! I plan on getting it when I have the event at my house later in the month. Click here if you want to shop for your own! :)

And last but not least: I'm loving:
Free Calendars for your desktop, or to print for your desk!! Go here to download your own copy!


  1. i JUST discovered Scentsy...i have no idea how i have lived my whole life not knowing this bit of awesomeness was out there...mine for the taking!

    thanks so much for commenting on my blog. i went to reply and did you know that your email is not enabled?

    so what this means is that you are out there leaving all kinds of thoughtful comments on people's blogs and they have no way to thank you via email...i know a lot of bloggers who like to do that. if you wanna fix it you can go to your dashboard and click edit profile then click show email and click save profile.

    i PROMISE blogging will get even MORE fun...promise!