Friday, April 8, 2011

Friday Confessional...


I confess:
This morning, I accidentally stabbed my arm with a knife. Not just a butter knife either, one of the knifes that are usually in the block. maybe it was caused by my stupidity of putting the knifes in the drying rack blade up, but regardless, I still managed to stab myself on accident. Wanna see?! By the way, I am sooooooo pale!! Geeez!!!

I confess:
I am using this confession as a way to express my anger with myself. I have once again, started my diet up. I probably have posted that I would be dieting in about 12 other posts, and it's just ridiculous. I really need to get control of things. I am REALLY angry with myself about all this. No eating a cheesecake here, or a cookie there. This is the end of my reign of laziness. I need to gain some control of my willpower, this can't continue. I have gained 25 pounds since my wedding, and I have ummm.....maybe 1 pair of pants that fit me like they should. Not acceptable. I'm done with this, there....I said it. 5Ks and perogies....and 100 calorie packs are my new foods...

I confess:
Because of my restarting of the diet I had to eat the rest of my Whopper Robin Eggs yesterday (about a half bag of them)
Reign of Whopper Robin Eggs....OVER as of now!!

I confess:
I told the hubby I'm going to IKEA on my lunch break today. I hope he's not too worried. LOL. I have confidence in myself, that I will only get things we NEED.

I was kind of lecturing/yelling at myself in this post, don't mind blog is just my venting place. I hope everyone has a nice weekend!!


  1. Ooh, that cut looks bad. Darn knife, it's his fault not yours. ;)

    It's only right you eliminate all things sweet before diving into the healthy choices. Best of luck to you with your diet.

    Have a great weekend.

  2. Oh man! That cut looks rough! Hope your arm is already feeling better!