Tuesday, April 5, 2011

The weekend in pictures...

I had a wonderful birthday dinner at Firebirds!! :) Yummmm!

I had to have a special birthday drink ofcourse!

 We got new furniture  for our living room, so I had to make some new cupcake art that matched the room ofcourse! Yes, cupcakes don't really go in the "Living Room"  It's a better item to put in the kitchen, but it's in the living room for now! I have been loving my cupcake punch, LOL...

 And last but not least I made some sugar cookies.....Let me expand on this. So we bought a bucket of cookies from one of the neighbors. Generally you just buy the bucket, scoop out the mix and that is it...This bucket was different, I had to put eggs anf butter in it....and ofcourse, the butter at the house had expired in JANUARY! LOL, so it turned into more of a project than I had hoped. They taste pretty good though. I put them in a new "Crate and Barrel" jar I just bought.  It was decorated with a Say It on the Wall Decal, isn't it cute, I love her vinyl decals! :)  All in all, I had a nice weekend! :)

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